The Howsie Difference

From transforming the Public Defender's Office to transforming the lives of law students, Elliot Howsie makes a positive impact everywhere he goes.

The Public Defender's Office


  • No representation during preliminary arraignments

  • The Public Defender’s Office was not impacting jail admissions

  • Public defenders had incredibly high caseloads

  • Inefficiencies plagued the office and wasted taxpayer dollars

  • No continuing education or adequate on the job training

Before Elliot arrived at the Public Defender's Office:

The Howsie Difference

With Elliot as Chief Public Defender:

  • All clients now have representation during preliminary arraignments, when bond is being set

  • The Public Defender’s Office decreased jail admissions by 18 percent as a result of representation during preliminary arraignments

  • Successfully advocating for increasing budget year after year. In turn, the budget has grown from $7.2 million to $10.5 million

  • For the first time in the history of the office, social workers have now been integrated along with the legal representation we provide so we address issues that contribute to one becoming involved in the court system, while also decreasing the likelihood that one will return

  • Increased number of supervising attorneys from four 4 to 12, increasing accountability, maintaining quality control, monitoring caseload distribution, and keeping a closer eye on resource allocation

The Howsie Difference


Elliot began tutoring law students when he was in law school and working two full time jobs - his methods have been so successful that he has continued to help law students over the years and has become an Adjunct Professor at Duquesne School of Law.

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