Questions About What the Nomination to the Court of Common Pleas Means

Q: Will Elliot appear on the ballot in the Primary Election on May 21?

A: No, Elliot will not appear on the ballot during the Primary Election on May 21. He will, however, be on the ballot during the Judicial Election in 2021. He hopes to have your support then.


Q: When will Elliot start his hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee?

A: Elliot has been nominated by the Governor. The State Senate will schedule the hearing when they are in session and have availability to schedule hearings. With this nomination, Elliot is at the top of the list and a confirmation hearing will take place in the month of April.


Q: Where can I go to contribute to the Elliot Howsie for judge campaign in 2021?




Q: Why will Elliot need to run if he’s been appointed?

A: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law stipulates that judges can either be appointed or elected. If they are appointed, they are then required to go through the election process during the next judicial cycle.


Q: Why is there a seat open on the ballot in the current election?

A: The current seat on the ballot for the Court of Common Pleas in Allegheny County belonged to Ronald W. Folino who stepped down from the bench in 2017.


Q: Why was this seat not put on the ballot?

A: All judicial seats on the ballot must be vacated at least four months to the day prior to the Primary Election. Since the judge stepped down on January 31, the seat was then only open for appointment rather than being on the ballot in the 2019 Primary election.


Q: When will Elliot have his swearing in ceremony?

A: The swearing in ceremony happens after the confirmation hearing. Since the confirmation hearing will happen in the month of April, the swearing in ceremony will likely take place in the month of May.


Q: What division will Elliot go to on the Court of Common Pleas?

A: President Judge Kim Berkeley Clark will decide which division Elliot will be placed.  The vast majority of judges begin in the Family Division of the Court of Common Pleas.


Q: How can I reach the campaign?

A: Please reach out to the Campaign Manager, Lucas Bezerra at or 513-479-2676.


Q: What will happen with any scheduled meet and greets or other campaign events?

A: All scheduled events will go on as scheduled and any funds raised during these events will go toward the campaign to elect Elliot in 2021.